$CHEST — tokenomics and ecosystem.

$CHEST — the safest investment you’ll ever make.

What is $CHEST?

$CHEST is a grassroots community token with an ever increasing price floor.

Whenever a transfer of $CHEST is made, a portion is taken as tax [5%] and converted into BNB. This tax is doubled for anyone selling $CHEST to the market within 100K blocks of their last market buy.

This BNB is accumulated in a Community Chest which acts as the basis for the price floor. At any point in time, a holder of $CHEST can burn their tokens to receive a share of the Community Chest.

What makes $CHEST special is that every time a share of the Community Chest is claimed, the price floor increases further!

This combined power of transfer tax and claim mechanics effectively allows the last holder of $CHEST to exit at a greater price than anyone else before them.

What are my expected returns from investing into $CHEST?

$CHEST is not a traditional speculative asset in the same way as most tokens — the optimal market price is a function of the price floor’s rate of change and targeted APR.

In the first week since launch, the Community Chest has already accumulated 180 BNB. Due to our circulating supply decreasing from people testing the price floor mechanics, our price floor is already equal to our pre-sale price!

If we are to project these figures into the future, then in the first year of release the Community Chest will accumulate 9,360 BNB.

That’s 52X in only one year — outpacing the S&P 500’s average annual return by more than 45X!

The $CHEST Ecosystem

$CHEST was created to be more than just a passive investment vehicle — our vision is to create a grassroots community where members can explore new tokenomics that have community facing values and developers they can trust.

At $CHEST we understand that people will never stop apeing into new tokens, looking for that one moon-shoot that will buy them lambo. We aim to create a safu space that looks out for token holders first and foremost — no rug-pulls, no dev wallets and certainly no copy-pasted code.

For instance, both our tokens had 98% of funds raised from pre-sale put back into the liquidity pool and locked. Half of total tokens went to pre-sale buyers, and the other half to liquidity.

Snugglefish, the creator and main dev, has been privately doxxed to big names in the Crypto space and will publicly doxx in the future.

All our code is fresh, even if we play off already existing ideas. Our token contracts are run through a large scale simulation of the market and testing platform before launch to ensure there are no bugs.

Finally, each addition to the $CHEST ecosystem will have features that pay back into the Community Chest. An investment in $CHEST is an investment into the ecosystem and community as a whole.